About us


Benefit leather for shoes, bags, upholstery and clothing, with the highest quality and best service to bring customer satisfaction and contribute to the company’s growth, the welfare of the human being and capital remuneration, respecting the social side and the environment.



Irmãos Marchini & Cia – AMCM, founded in the 70s, specifically, in 1976, had its birth amidst the decade’s major economic movements, from the need of great nimbleness on the part of the footwear sector, the fruit of its growth on the export side.

foto_aereaOn wagering upon this idea, and further investing into know-how and equipment, the company has spread itself out, qualified its labor force and increased its market share considerably.

Today, with 200 employees, the company Irmãos Marchini – AMCM, is seated onto a construction area of 20.000 sq.mt in the city of Novo Hamburgo.



  • Honesty and Trust

    The trust, which is built by honesty, keeps the union in relationships. The commitment to truth and honesty, for all that make up the company.

  • Humility in your daily life

    To be humble is to be authentic and without pretense or arrogance. It is taking its limitations.

  • Responsibility and Commitment

    Taking responsibility for his actions, will be acting positively in building reliable and long-lasting relationships.

  • Harmonious Coexistence and Mutual Respect

    Respect for self, for others and for the environment in which we live or work. Respect is treating people as if they were all very important.

  • Compliance with Standards and Laws

    The Company has adopted a transparent policy regarding rights and duties of each member of the company. Discipline and respect are essential for an organization to get the desired success.

  • Respect for the Environment

    Environmental concern the tannery AMCM Ltda is evidenced by efficient treatment of liquid waste.